About us

What is Paysme anyway?

Paysme is an awesome, cloud-based accounting software for service-based small businesses.

So far, we offer an easier and faster way to invoice, quote, make mobile payments, track your expenses, lodge your BAS with the help of professional accountants, and more!

We’ve been recognised by Australian small businesses as the accounting system to use because of our easy to use interface and design.

Now non-accounting business owners can do their accounts and keep track of their finances simpler and faster.

Who is it for?

We’ve made Paysme for those running service businesses solely, which is to say, when we tested, surveyed and created the system we had freelancers, contractors, sole traders, entrepreneurs, start-ups in mind.

Happily, bigger companies love Paysme too and we now support the accounting requirements of some Australian franchises through a more customised system.

We are not going to be for everyone. In fact, we’ve advised many to use other systems that’s better for their business needs. Chat to one of our team members first if you want to know if Paysme is for you!

Why have we made it this way?

Well, our founder Nathan, spent years helping small businesses with their accounting. He listened to their frustrations and needs as they navigate through expensive but well-known accounting software but still need to pay accountants to get it right!!

See, most small business accounting software isn’t actually built for small businesses. It’s meant for businesses with lots of employees or who hold stock/inventory.

So, we have built Paysme with real small businesses in mind.

We consulted with small business owners for months and years until we got it right. We talked to some of Australia’s leading developers. We got input from other small business accountants. We even got insight from Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

Paysme exists to help you run your business simpler and faster, saving you time, money and freeing you for things you’d prefer to be doing.

Meet the brains behind Paysme

Paysme wouldn’t be possible without a lot of people! But one person started it all, despite warnings not to put this up by this person, we still did it anyways.

Because we think you should know the Who, How and Why!

So here goes!


As a national award winning Business Development Manager, entrepreneur and financial professional, Nathan Kerr’s difference comes from listening to where people want to take their business and helping them get there.

After working in the banking and insurance industries, Nathan cut his own path, starting up Just FSG, in 2012 with a single idea; to create a fuss-free accounting practice which provided quality service at an affordable price. He started the business from a small base in WA and grew it to a national presence over five states.

For years Nathan listened to small business owners’ headaches and heartaches about not being able to have affordable, simple accounting that they could easily understand.

Because he likes problem solving, Nathan decided it was time to create a product and service that allows small business to run their business better – ultimately becoming more productive, more profitable and having less grey hairs!

Nathan gathered the best team (us of course) and worked with over 100 000 Australian small businesses to create an accounting solution – Paysme – the best value, simple mobile system for quotes, invoices, on the spot payments and more.

In just its first few months of launching, Paysme is already being used by small business and franchises throughout Australia, making it the accounting system to use!