What’s everyone doing to keep their passion?

What to do when the motivation is just not there?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there and done that.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a sole trader, an employee of an organisation or company, sometimes the motivation disappears quickly but the motivation doesn’t come back as quick.

In my profession of counseling and advising small businesses, I see a lot of tired, beaten down, grinding heels and teeth owners who are stressed, really stressed, way too stressed to do any good for themselves, their families let along their business.

Now I am not an expert in motivation or anything. I will leave that to the experts who know this stuff much more than I do.

But I want to impart a few ways to get your mojo back (for you Austin Powers lovers) that I have tried myself and advised a number of small business owners who came to me for advice.

These tips are not rocket science and you would have heard it before. Hey I Â heard it from someone and someone else as well.

Check in to a holiday!

Sometimes we are just tired. Owning a small business requires working 7 days a week, sometimes 12, 14, 16 hours or more a day so no wonder you are exhausted. And it’s hard to feel excited, energetic and passionate about your business when you’re tired.

So book yourself a little holiday. Turn off the phones, emails, for a week! Go down south, go over East, go overseas to a tropical relaxing holiday.

You’re going to say, it’s not a good time. It never is! But there’s only one of you so if you don’t take care of yourself then no business will exist! So go


Surround yourself with amazing people

 The company you keep really makes a difference in your well being. Imagine being surrounded by those who are constantly seeing the glass half empty. When you talk about your business issues, they’d more likely say, yeah life is hard, just go get a job!

So when you’re needing some boost and an encouraging word or two, make sure you go to those who see beyond the struggles and stumbling blocks web based project management tool. Their positivity and belief will help re-energise your passion

Make a list of good why’s?

 You know when you’re down it is so much easier to list why you should quit, why you should give up? Typically it’s all about long hours, no financial or other gains and so much risk! But nothing is worth doing if it is not risky, or if it doesn’t challenge and make you learn.

This time around why not make a list of the good why’s!

For me it’s the freedom to do the things I want during a day, not stuck into a 9-5 routine. It’s the ability to make decisions and own it, and to learn new things that I probably won’t in a corporate environment with systems.


Do the things you love

Owning your small business does not equal it owning your life.

Don’t forget your friends, family members and hobbies in between. The whole point of owning your own business is to be able to do the things you want to do more.

And you might say but it will cost more and you don’t have the funds when owning a small business. That might be true but also be creative. There are sporting groups you can join for free if you are into sport, there are community art things at local councils if you are feeling creative….use your Google searching powers to good use here.

Lastly, get someone else do the things you hate doing

 I say this to my clients all the time. Your time is gold! Especially when you are running a small business. If book keeping is taking you 5 days to do and someone and do it in 2 hours, outsource it.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Yes outsourcing costs more now but trust me when I say in the long run, having done the maths myself, it will save you time, money and success for your business.

So those are my top 5 tips to get back on the motivated band wagon.

The trick is at the end of the day is not to be too hard on yourself. Hey we are all humans, not perfect and we will go through this again, again and again.

Just remember that it’s ok and take a break!

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